Discover All Green Irrigation’s Drainage System Solutions

Don’t Let a Wet Season Ruin Your Sports Schedule.

All Green Irrigation specializes in the installation of drainage systems in the Niagara Peninsula. Drainage systems can be installed on existing sports fields with very little disruption or damage to the playing surface. A waterlogged field can be out of action for weeks during an especially wet spring or summer season. To solve this problem, drainage systems can be installed out of season to prevent disruption to your team’s schedules

Minimum Damage Thanks to State-of-the-Art Machines.

A typical drainage system consists of a lattice of lateral drains linked to a main drain. State-of-the-art machines leave as little mess as possible and have low-pressure tracks and tires to ensure that minimum damage is done to the ground.

Sports Field Top Dressing.

The term sand top dressing simply applies up to 10mm of sand to an existing surface. This will greatly improve your surface structure of soil and increase your surface drainage. Sand dressings are commonly applied to ensure that pitches do not become capped with the drains sealed over. Each dressing uses between 60 and 100 tons of sand, depending upon the size of pitch.

For more information about our drainage system installation services or to request a free estimate, please contact us. We look forward to devising a customized solution for your sports field today!