Learn More about All Green Irrigation’s Sprinkler Systems

If you’re looking for an efficient, cost-effective way to maintain a professional-looking green lawn without all the fuss of dragging watering hoses around all summer, All Green Irrigation offers in-ground sprinkler system installations in the Niagara Peninsula. Thanks to automatic controllers and timers, you can customize your sprinkler needs so that your lawn always gets the proper amount of water

Understanding Your Sprinkler System’s Basic Components

The Controller.

The controller serves as the brain of your sprinkler system’s operation, as it tells the control valves when and how long to supply water to the sprinklers.

Station-Control Valves.

Each station-control valve controls a specific group of sprinklers referred to as a watering station. These stations are typically laid out and installed according to the type of plant that will be watered, the location of the plant within your landscape and the maximum amount of water that can be supplied. Each valve is connected to a numbered terminal within the controller, identifying it as Station 1, Station 2, etc.

Your controller operates the station-control valves in order, one at a time. One station waters completely before another station turns on. This is referred to as a watering cycle. The information stored in your controller’s memory that determines when and how long each station will water is called a program.


Sprinklers direct and control the amount of water applied to your lawns and plants.

Please refer to our frequently asked questions section for more information about our sprinkler system installation process. If you have a question about irrigation that is not covered there, feel free to contact us and one of our friendly, knowledgeable technicians would be more than happy to assist you!